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Group in white shirtsMost people associate Chiropractic with back problems, neck pain or headaches. In the belief that Chiropractic treatment is aimed at the spinal region, many individuals incorrectly assume that Milton Keynes Chiropractors specialise in back disorders only! While these conditions are most effectively treated with Chiropractic care the main purpose is to optimise health by improving and restoring the nervous system function carried through the spine.

“The purpose of Chiropractic is to optimise health.” (Association of Chiropractic Colleges)

Chiropractic has also provided effective relief to millions of individuals suffering complaints ranging from hip, knee and ankle problems to elbow and shoulder pain.

At Adjust To Health we may help when other treatment approaches have failed …

At Adjust To Health we enjoy the challenge and the reward of helping patients to recover after years of suffering back, neck pain or headaches after all other treatment approaches have failed! These conditions should be associated with Chiropractic care as the first line of treatment, just as a toothache is associated with an immediate visit to the dentist. Our patients often express their regret that lack of understanding of the chiropractic scope of practice prevented their choice of adequate care years earlier.

Chiropractic can help with nerve irritation or entrapment, caused by nearby joint restriction …

Plain and simple… Chiropractic can help! We have helped patients avoid spinal surgery (lower back and neck) with safe and natural Chiropractic care. Surgery should be considered as a last resort solution. Any invasive procedure carries risk to the patient and the outcome is not always successful.

We offer treatments for the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries as well as performance enhancement.

Chiropractic, as a primary health care profession specialising in functional disorders of the muscles and joints, is eminently suited for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries, as well as enhancing athletic performance. The treatment helps to improve joint mobility, muscle flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance; all of these are essential for any level of physical activity.

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