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New Patients at Adjust To Health

Consulting with patientNot all Chiropractors in Milton Keynes are the same and that is why it is our Number One priority as your Milton Keynes chiropractor is to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process of the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

During your first visit the chiropractor will perform a full case history and routine series of Postural, Orthopaedic, Neurological and Chiropractic examinations before treatment is commenced. Motion palpation will assess the function of each spinal joint in order to determine the levels of restriction.

There will be a follow-up appointment when the chiropractor will discuss with you, your examination results and the care plan recommendation most suitable for your condition. Additional supportive measures which will assist in your recovery (ergonomics, postural advice, nutrition and exercises) will also be advised. If deemed appropriate, X-Rays studies or MRI scan imaging may be considered for referral.

Health Insurance and Payment

Adjust To Health is registered with all health insurance companies. Uninsured individuals please rest assured – our rates are affordable and in addition we offer a discounted payment plan to suit your individual needs.

Get Started Today

When you’re ready to take action, we are here to listen and help! Find out what sets us apart from other Chiropractors in Milton Keynes. Call Adjust To Health now on 01908 242411 to arrange your Initial Consultation.


New Patients at Adjust To Health | 01908 242411